I know you never intended to be in this world

But you’re in it all the same

So why not get started, immediately? 

I mean, belonging to it.

-Excerpt from The Fourth Sign of the Zodiac, by Mary Oliver

Welcome! I’m an emerging writer living in Austin, Texas. I grew up a free-range child in central Texas, where life in the woods was favorable to life at ‘home’. After enduring a suboptimal childhood and turbulent adolescence with small-town evangelical christianity as the only hand to hold, I have unexpectedly landed steady on my own two feet, as a young mother of two rowdy children and as a binocular-toting naturalist. I weave together stories that are about many things: motherhood, spirituality, nature, grief, being excruciatingly human, birds — all with the aim of getting to the business of belonging to this world.

While you’re here, you may as well check out my monthly posts to the Travis Audobon Bird of the Week blog!

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Essays exploring the convergence of motherhood, ecology, and being human. Oh also, a lot about birds.


A young mother of two with an eye for the sacred, a knack for words, and a devotion to Central Texas.